Consumer Rights

Goodwill staff believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We encourage and value the participation and input of the people we serve and are committed to protecting their rights and encouraging them to be self-advocates and participate fully in their communities.


•    Tell Goodwill what services you need
•    Receive services from Goodwill and other providers
•    Tell us who you want on your service team
•    Make suggestions and complaints without action being taken against you
•    Confidentiality and privacy in accordance with HIPAA and corporate policy
•    Quick action if you feel your rights are not respected
•    Use conflict resolution services provided by Goodwill or others without any action being taken against you
•    Not be taken advantage of in any way, including financially
•    Have enough time and information to decide whether or not to accept a service
•    See your records (unless permission is denied by a medical or legal authority)
•    Request corrections to your records if you think there is a mistake
•    All civil or legal rights such as the right to vote, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
•    Be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic background, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil union status or physical or mental disability
•    Be free from ANY abuse, neglect, humiliation or harassment
•    Agree or refuse to release confidential information and/or photographs or videos or to appear in public
•    Request and receive assistance and guidance from staff
•    Agree or refuse to participate in a research project
•    Be assured that if you do participate in a research project, research and ethical guidelines will be followed
•    Be paid for productive work and receive the same benefits as other employees
•    Work in a clean and safe environment
•    Reasonable accommodations to perform jobs and activities
•    A balanced and nutritious diet (if in a residential program)
•    Medical and dental care (if in a residential program)
•    Participate in the religion of your choice or NO religion
•    Help set house rules, when applicable
•    Help plan and participate in meaningful recreational and community activities, when applicable
•    Know about your financial status and get help using your resources
•    Enough space for your belongings while in a Goodwill residence
•    Visit with your family, friends, and/or team members if in a residential program, or choose NOT to

Consumer Rights Officer
    Ken Bennett, VP of Retail
    Call 203-581-5357 or email

Privacy (HIPAA) Officer
    Ken Bennett, VP of Retail
    Call 203-581-5357 or email

Affirmative Action Officer (for questions about your employment here)
    Kathy Portolese, Director of Human Resources
    Call 203-581-5373 or email

State Agency and Other Consumer Rights Resources

  •     Infoline: Call 211
  •     Advocacy Unlimited (mental health services): call 800-573-6929
  •     CT Office of Protection and Advocacy: call 800-842-7303
  •     CT Department of Developmental Services: or call 866-737-0331
  •     CT Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services:
  •     CT Legal Rights Project: call 877-402-2299
  •     CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities: or call 860-566-4895